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Public Notice

The National Communication Authority (NCA) is the current registry managing Agency for the .SS domain name and by this notice it wishes to inform the general public of the launching phases and procedure of the .SS domain name.

The registration process will go through three phases as outlined below before it reaches the general availability period, this process shall take 90 calendar days.

The 90 days period shall be divided as follows:-

Phase One: Sunrise period

1st/June/2020 - 15th/July/2020

The Sunrise Period is a limited pre-registration period and is the mandatory first phase of all new Top Level Domains (TLDs) launching. Sunrise is the right time to register brand names as domains. This period allows trademark owners the opportunity to secure their trademark on the new country code top level domain name (ccTLD) .SS. The Sunrise period is a 45-day phase during which trademark owners can purchase domain names before they are offered to the general public. This period is managed by the registry closely through accredited registrars.

NB: Trademark owners have to prove their ownership of the domain name associated to their domain name.

Phase Two: Landrush period:

17st/July/2020 - 17th/August/2020

The Landrush (30-day)period allows registrants to apply to register for a domain name prior to General Availability (GA), but at a higher price there are no trademark requirements for applications during the Landrush period though existing trademarks claims are taken into consideration. If there is a contest on a domain name at this period auctioning will be conducted and the highest bidder will take over the claimed domain name.

Phase Three: Early Access period:

19st/August/2020 - 29th/August/2020

This period is reserved for those who wish to access domain names which are not in the premium domains list and are not yet registered in the registry. This period will run for 10 days before General Availability period and will allow registrants to order for domain names to be registered right when the launch starts. An additional 1 time cost will be incurred by the registrant to reserve a domain name to be registered right after launching

FInal Phase: General Availability (GA):


Once a new Top Level Domain (TLD) is generally available (GA), it has officially launched and is available to the public for registration.

NB: All the domains which are listed in the Premium Domain Names List prepared by the registry will not be access until the 90 days period elapses and then the registry shall either develop its own auctioning platform or procure the service of a credible domain name auctioning platform where Premium names shall be auction and sold to the highest bidder at first come first
serve basis

All domain name registrations are to be done directly through NCA accredited registrars; except for ( government institutions they can contact the National Communications Authority (NCA)  directly.

For more information  contact us through the following: –

Phone: +211922338781

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